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The idea being, with Kadri going to the Isles, I've heard rumblings that the Wings may be trying to pull Barzal from the Isles to clear the cap space - given how Barzal performed last season, that seems like something Lou /may/ consider, but I think that was an aberration because the team just had the worst luck, and it hit Barzal pretty bad, so I don't think Lou is going to move on from him just yet. Rumblings did seem focused on Bertuzzi for Barzal, which... could make sense for the Isles, but I'm undecided on that. I think the obvious reason Barzal is being brought up is because then they'd have Nelson, Kadri, and Barzal at center, so there'd be some line problems with 3 high end centers.
What concerns me is that Dobson hasn't been given an extension yet, which could just be Lou playing his games, or it could mean Dobson wants a long-term deal with the attached $$$ to come with it, rather than bridge-dealing at a lower hit and term.
I don't necessarily think Hronek + a 2nd is enough, though I couldn't think of what other pieces Detroit could throw in that would make this tantalizing enough for the Isles (Lindstrom, Walman, etc, these aren't necessarily pieces they'd be clamoring to get a deal pushed over the edge, if they even consider Hronek + a 2nd even close to the ballpark).
I wanna hear whether you think Detroit could have what the Isles would want to let Dobson go (excl. Seider, Edvinsson, Raymond, etc), because I would far and away prefer Dobson over Barzal, but the cap struggle of maneuvering it to happen would be complicated.
Basically just think-tanking whether this is even possible
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Thread: thoughts
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Wildnochance</b></div><div>Take out Beckman because otherwise not a chance Minnesota does this</div></div>

I don't know necessarily what our real position is on Beckman at this point. I LOVED watching him in preseason stuff last year, at first I was disappointed Duhaime made the roster instead of him, but quickly realized Duhaime is the better role player for the line he's on whereas Beckman is a scoring line type. What matters to me is, is Beckman going to be in the lineup this year in lieu of Fiala? There could be chemistry between him and Boldy, but who knows right now - I don't want to see Boldy get locked into the Fiala cycle of not having consistent linemates, especially because I think Gaudreau's success was piggy-backing off Fiala and Boldy, so I don't think he's capable of healthily managing two young players. Realistically, we should /hope/ to see Boldy and Rossi together next year, but then they'll need an experienced winger to lock them down, which makes me think Beckman may not get the runway he needs in Minnesota to crack into the lineup in a healthy way.

I also devalue Fiala in any trade we could make because
A) free agency is going to be flooded with high-end offensive talent this year, and
B) it's no secret Minnesota has to dump him to be cap-compliant, so that puts them into a desperate position, thus devaluing Fiala because he HAS to move (Guerin showed his hand in that interview after we got eliminated in saying that he highly values Dumba, so that's not an alternative move that the league realistically will look at as being probable).

To me, this felt like more of a stretch for Minnesota reaching NJ's value than the other way around, and I may not see a near-future for Beckman in the MN lineup, is ultimately what I'm getting at with this.