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I am always one year ahead of the general public - so I get a lot of hate and no credit.
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The big 4 are paid fairly, and are not at all a problem. They are all elite and make the team better. The defence isn't terrible, the system under Babs was terrible, under Keefe they dealt with massive injury problems and were learning a new system but the team showed a lot of progress towards the shutdown. Most don't see it because they just don't understand hockey but defending wasn't the problem under Keefe, it was almost completely turnovers that were the cause of all the problems. They were cutting those down before the shut down. Blaming Dubas for giving up a 1st rounder for nothing (apart from cap space) is for lack of a better phrase, ****ing stupid. Who signed Marleau to that contract? Who cares about Kadri, he hurt the Leafs more than he helped us. Two years in a row, he could have been a difference maker and instead was sitting while the team lost a series they could have won. Would they have won if he was playing? Maybe, but we never knew because he was an idiot.

Point to a trade that Dubas didn't win? Apart from trading Marleau which was never going to be a good move but it sure beat trading Nylander when his value was low.

Anyone who thinks Dubas should be fired is either a troll who just hates the Leafs or is an old school cement head that thinks you need a bunch of hard hitting meat heads from the clutch and grab era to win. The Leafs are 4 seasons removed from finishing last and are the 4th or 5th youngest team in the league. They are still learning. Have patience and don't listen to the idiots on here going off about stuff that isn't real.
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