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Forum: Armchair-GMJul 18 at 1:34
Thread: Flat cap
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>BeastModeUnknown</b></div><div>I’m sorry you get upset about 1 f*ckin year. Lmao. Flat cap rate is irrelevant when he is a 1 year contract. That’s the dumbest thing I’ve heard. Most you will get is a 2nd because he is 1 still one of the most solid defensive players. He’s not a cap dump. He’s overpaid but he isn’t even borderline cap dump. It would be **** to pay a first round pick to get rid of him. He’s ONE YEAR. You can deal with ONE YEAR. Don’t even bring Marleau into this because that was a whole different deal, Marleau cost more was 3 years not 1 and he was bad in every single stat. This is why I’m never on Capfriendly anymore LOL. Most of your opinions are all based on the fact blues have to sign Pietrangelo, we don’t need to sign him, mind the fact you feel we are obligated to give you a first to get you out of your own crap hole you guys dig yourself into. If Yzerman is good at what he does he wouldn’t even go after a Steen cap relief he would go after players who need to be traded to keep the core together like idk Tampa. Work smarter not harder. You aren’t getting a first for Steen no one is, he isn’t a cap dump, this isn’t Backes, or Lucic, or Neal. Steen has something to bring to the table, and he was a big reason the Blues won a cup, he made some great defensive plays that turned into goals. You know what goals do? You know they help you win the game because the team with more goals wins the games you know?</div></div>

Just stop. You’re very wrong about this.

The most important thing to remember: Everyone knows STL is in cap difficulty, ie no bargaining power, 2 noone will need/ benefit from adding Steen or Allen. Allen was a negative GSAA player two years in a row. Now that he is a backup he went positive. Not too many teams want a 4+ million dollar backup.

With that said, no matter how hard you sell it STL will have to give up something in order to move Allen and Steen to one team. As the other poster said that is 10 million. Maybe you could get a 4th out of Allen from one team. Maybe. You may be able to move Steen to another team for swapping a pick or giving up a soon to be roster player that you don’t have room for. Adding the values up it may be a 7th round pick. BUT taking on 10 million by one team brings the value way down and requires positive assets to go to the other team.

Marleau got a 1st rounder by himself and he wasn’t as bad as Steen and 3 million less in cap hit.
Forum: Armchair-GMNov 24, 2019 at 1:18
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>MikeyThePensFan</b></div><div>Did they say this specific deal? Cuz I'm thinking maybe they're scouting for a Marner trade.</div></div>

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>MikeyThePensFan</b></div><div>Nylander is playing so good though, he's on pace for 62 points. The majority of Leaf fans consider him to be better than Marner.</div></div>

you're really starting to lose your credibility on here with all of your Marner hate. I as a leafs fan, am not his biggest fan by any stretch, but "the majority of leafs fans consider Nylander better" is ridiculous. Nylander may be on pace for 62, but MARNER SCORED 94 points last season. he's better than guentzel- three years younger putting up 20 more points playing the same position, and guentzel plays with the best all around player of the generation every night- and when crosby's out, he has to settle for evgeni malkin! I don't like marner half as much as other fans, but you've gotta give credit where its due- he may be overpaid by a mil or two right now, but he hasn't shown any significant signs of slowing his growth down, and as far as I'm concerned right now, if he continues his trajectory and the cap continues to rise, this will not be half as big an overpay as it may seem now. In the back half of the last year that he spent playing with bozak, he actually kept up with the scoring pace that he carried into last season, before you make the whole Tavares carries him argument- it certainly doesn't hurt to play with him, but they both raise each other up, while Crosby turns Ahl players/4th line nhl players into 40+ point scorers in his sleep
Forum: Armchair-GMOct 16, 2019 at 11:07
Thread: Pietrangelo
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Sicarius</b></div><div>I

I would agree that it seems like something has to give with the RHD situation on the Blues. We don’t know the details. Armstrong could have made the Faulk move because he knows Pietrangelo is hell bent on reaching free agency or maybe the price tag to resign Pietrangelo is too high. These are the kinds of details we won’t know until after the fact. Neither the player nor the management are going public with that kind of information.

Now onto your depth trade. The current forwards are:

Schwartz Schenn Tarasenko
Blais ROR Perron
Fabbri Bozak Sanford
Barbashev Sundqvist Steen

MacEachern is on a one way contract so to send him down means risking him to waivers.

Both Thomas and Kyrou are hurt but should be playing soon. Thomas will replace Sanford and Kyrou will be replacing Fabbri. Kyrou should get a good look in the top 9 because he’s the future and he needs it for his development.

The Blues have Klim Kostin in the AHL. He did everything he needed to in order to make the roster in training camp. The problem is there’s simply not a top 9 spot available and the Blues have the ability to call him up and send him down with no risk of waivers.

You’re adding 3 more forwards to a team with too much depth as it is. It simply doesn’t make sense from the Blues perspective. I’m not trying to be rude at all but it’s just a trade that doesn’t benefit the Blues.

About the payroll next season: I think the consensus is most likely this will be Bouwmeester’s last season. But, he could sign another 1 year deal.

As long as Binnington holds up, (it appears he will), Allen is gone next offseason. It won’t be hard to trad Allen with only one year on his contract.

Steen will be on his last year as well. His actual salary is probably low enough he could be traded but personally I think he’ll block any trade. He could be the organization’s first buyout contract. Either way he’ll be in play.

Bozak is a good 3C but that position will belong to Thomas. Bozak is another player who will only have 1 year left on his contract and he’ll possibly be in trade play.

The Blues have a LHD in the minors, Mikkola, who is perfectly suited for a 3rd pairing role and he will be on the roster next season (should be).

A Fowler for Pietrangelo deal actually makes some sense from a need perspective. Next season the Blues will have Dunn, Gunnarsson, and Mikkola on the left side. It would be a lot better with Fowler 1, Dunn 2, and Mikkola / Gunnarsson 3. The right side would then be settled with Parayko, Faulk, Bortuzzo.

I can’t tell you what the details of a Pietrangelo / Fowler deal would be but it’s certainly a lot more beneficial to the Blues than the forwards deal.</div></div>

I definitely agree and totally understand, a forward log jam would be a nightmare to say the least. Its absolutely not a need for the Blues. And the talent of the players being provided aren't filling any gaps.

I think I am assuming that the money saved by Allan being dealt will eventually be absorbed by a back up and Binnington raise. If he stays as good as he was last year, he can see at least 6 mil. Hard to say what Bobrovsky's contract will do to future goalie contracts. But the money from Bouwmeester could cover the difference. But like you said, we don't know if there was an intention behind gaining Faulk. he was obtained for a decent price but signed to a healthy contract before the Captain. It could be that Pietrangelo is wanting to test free agency to check on what his price is. It could he wants to play for a new team after so many seasons in St Louis. It could be family motivated. He could believe that the Blues got their cup and their chance to repeat is 1 in a million. Hard to say.

But I dont think any GM or Coach get a RD because they are totally cool with moving their franchise defensemen who is also RD to the left side. But that being said, I absolutely dont see Pietrangelo in a Ducks jersey.
Forum: Armchair-GMJul 29, 2019 at 1:53