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Forum: Armchair-GMJun 28 at 8:58
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>HOCKEYBOY448</b></div><div>Thank you! People are so dumb and naive to think we'll trade everyone we have just for Eichel. He is not worth Fox, Kakko, Strome and Trouba. At that rate we could keep and develop our pieces. Eichel isn't a necessity for us with Mika, he'd be a luxury and not one worth gutting the franchise for. If we did this crap we'd never win. I'd rather stand pat and develop with our pieces in the system already than to do this nonsense.</div></div>

Exactly. As much as they will want high end pieces for Eichel, they will not get them. You will not get multiple high end assets for any player as it absolutely guts the franchise.
You will get a top 6 forward, a top 4 d, a pretty good prospect and multiple picks.
With what I said,
1) Buchnevich is a .5 point per game player

2) strome played out of his mind (ppl will say because of panarin, but panarin also had his best season by far playing with Strome and it's not even close, he had 8 more points in 10 less games and was on pace for 112 points, 25 greater than his previous best).

3) ADA just put up over 50 points including 15 goals while having the best metrics of his career

4) Trouba had a down year but is still a 26 year old that is one of the few defenseman in the league with 100 plus shots, blocks, and hits. He really didn't get powerplay time at all which affected his production.

5) Chytil is still only 20 and put up the same production in 15 less games than the year prior

6) Picks will be picks.. you can get gems in the later half of the first round (pasta, kuznetsov, thomas, tarasenko, giroux, etc)
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