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A couple things, IMO:
As much as Toews would look great in a Flames uniform, and he is from a couple provinces over, I just can't see how Calgary would be able to work around the cap to do it. Even the GMs that have Chicago taking on salary, the flames end up (-) in salary cap space. Even this one doesn't have enough roster spots.
Lucic isn't going to wave his NMC again unless it is to a very legitimate contender, maybe not even then with him so close to his hometown now...Vancouver, want him? I am afraid Looch is retiring as a flame, or we buy him out next season.
I would rather see Ryan, Bennet or Gio traded. I love Gio and what he has done, but he hasn't lead this team very far (more on the management and ownership than him though). As great as a person he is, we need to get younger, and move on with a new Core.
If we traded one of Johnny or Monny, I choose Johnny. He is been mauled by other teams now as they know this puts him off his game. He is a whiner and the referee are starting to show there realization of this. He isn't a leader, never a letter on his chest during his tenure here, and the off ice shenanigan's, although seemingly reversed, are a sign for change as well. Face it he doesn't even want to be here, he wants to be closer to Mom. I love Monny, and the two aren't getting it done together, start lining up Chucky or bring in another scoring RW for his right side so Lindholm can move back to Center. Anyways, excited to see what Tre does next, I am hoping it is now a change for the positive on offense. Cheers,
Forum: Armchair-GMOct. 16, 2020 at 2:14 p.m.
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Ledge_And_Dairy</b></div><div>Why tf would Calgary want Korpi?</div></div>

You know Ledge_And_Dairy, I just answered the team on "who was the worst fans on this site". I was honest in saying that even some of my fellow Flames fans were disrespectful at times, and you were first on my list. I constantly see you adding things like 'tf', 'wtf', and several other rude and disrespectful acronyms / comments throughout your replies; sometimes they even push berating. I know you will come back with something that you would probably not ever say to my face, but relax. This site was supposed to be for fun, to learn, to chat about sports etc. You are not a real GM. You are not at any level to have the respect or experience to truly respond or back up a lot of what you state. And you certainly have no right to, from a distance behind the protection of your computer, to talk to anyone the way you do. You aren't the only one, just the one I see the most on here. As much as I want to block you now, maybe you might for once have something intelligent and respectful to say. As for your ask, I personally would take "Korpi" over "Big Save Dave" any day, but that is just my respectful opinion. Life is to short to add F*&amp;%##$ to any reply, and you or anyone else for that matter are certainly not worth it.

Cheers to all those who reply respectfully and even try and help educate those trying the learn more about the game, or just have some fun.