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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>VeeMerk</b></div><div>WOAH relax there sir. I think it's safe to say that Stone will not resign in Ottawa next year. And where on earth do you think that Stone gets you Tkachuk? That's not saying Stone isn't a great player, cause he is... that just means that anybody would rather have Tkachuk over Stone. There's a pretty significant age difference, Tkchuck has better raw talent and the contract situation.

So in return you're getting a 1st, a solid former 1st round defender prospect and a cap dump that's UFA in 2 years. The 1st should be a 2019 but other than that, I can't see any teams beat that offer...</div></div>

It's nto "safe to say" Stone won't be back in Ottawa. If that were the case, he would already be gone. Secondly, there's no way I would ever take Matt Tkachuk over Stone. I'd gladly pay Stone what he's worth and keep him over Tkachuk. Stone is easily a top 10 RW in the league, Tkachuk is not. I think if Stone was considered a rental, the price would be high. Any team wanting to make a playoff push would easily offer up a young prospect and a first round pick. You want me to take an overpaid Frolik and get Stone in return for a playoff run, yeah i want more than Valimaki and a 1st. I'd look elsewhere if this was the return. A team like VGK or NSH would gladly give up a first round pick and high-end prospect for Stone, with probably a few other low end pieces. I could name 10 teams who would happily beat that offer for a year of Mark Stone.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>mothariah</b></div><div>Why does everyone keep saying he is a lock to play in the NHL this season? The kid had 8 goals last year in college. EIGHT. I get he has other elements to his game, and I not doubting that he will be a good NHL player, but there is no reason to rush him to the NHL when this team is going to be dreadful.

Am I the only one who thinks it might be a good idea to NOT see him in the NHL in 2018-19? Let him tear it up in the OHL or AHL and then give him a spot on the top line when Stone leaves.

As someone who follows the NCAA college hockey scene closely, I don't see anything in his game that shouts "NHL Rookie of the Year" in 18-19.

I look at it, and I see Casey Mittelstadt might be a comparable, but he at least played his age 18-19 year in college, and scored 30 point in 34 games (Tkachuk had 31 in 40 games).

No offense, but it feels like you're asking Joshua Norris (19th overall in 2017 by San Jose) to come in and play in your middle six. That guy had eight goals last year, too, and NO ONE is talking about him playing in the AHL in 2018-19, let alone the NHL.

Or how about Montreal's Ryan Poehling, who had 14 goals and 31 points in 37 games at St. Cloud last year as a freshman. He's part of an organization that HAS NO CENETERMEN, and yet he still isn't an "NHL player."

(I know offensive numbers aren't everything).

Let the kid develop...</div></div>

You had me on board until the comparables. Those are not comparable players, and not comparable franchises. Mid first round picks are rarely, if ever expected to play in the AHL or NHL the year following being drafted. Top 5 picks are very frequently at least given the chance to show what they can do. The San Jose comparison is laughable, they're nowhere close to being as short on talent as Ottawa is. Conversely, MTL is almost in the same position as Ottawa, but Poehling and Tkachuk are extremely different players. Tkachuk is tough enough and skilled enough to play in the NHL right now. Not sayign he'd put up huge numbers, but somewhere in the 30-35 pts range would not be out of the question IMO.

Have to agree he's definitely not a lock in the NHL this year. To me, it's all about where he plays. If Ottawa keeps the trend of playing the young guys in bottom six roles, please God do not have Tkachuk in NHL. That would be an absolute waster. But, if he's consistently going to play beside Duchene or Stone in a top-six role, I'm all for it. He needs to be getting 15+ mins a night to make it worth him playing in the NHL. Personally, I'd love to see one of three things:
A) Plays his 9 games in the NHL to start the year, then goes and tears it up in London.
B) Plays until Christmas, goes to the WJC, and finishes the year in London
C) Play him in the NHL throughout the year, and if they ever want to play him in a bottom six role, send him down to play top minutes in the AHL.

I think he's ready to play now, but it has to be in the right circumstances.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>csick</b></div><div>I agree honestly but most people say we wont get more than that for upcoming UFAs and when u try including a sign and trade, they say those rarely happen and we cant include those to justify a trade with a huge return lol</div></div>

Agreed, but the track record just doesn't prove that. Look what the Canes just got for Jeff Skinner. He's not as valuable as Stone and Karlsson is on another planet value wise. To me, rentals are far more valuable than most people are giving them credit for, to the right team. Teams like Tampa, Boston, Pittsburgh, Columbus, I could see all being very interested in a rental of that value. You only have to worry about fitting them into the cap for a year, plus they give you a huge boost for a Cup run. Not saying they get exactly what they're asking for right now, but if the Sens get to the deadline clearly out of it, and haven't signed Karlsson, Duchene and Stione, I would be willing to bet all 3 get traded for more than this. At least a first round pick coming back for each, plus prospects of course. Just look at what NYR got for RICK NASH last year at the deadline.

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>VeeMerk</b></div><div>Some of the trades I can see happening for sure, but in terms of Stone, I think Ottawa doesn't have the bargaining power here. Stone is gonna be a UFA so I doubt a team will pay storng futures for it, like in your Vegas deal. I think Tuch is the deal breaker there. You could probably get him as part of a Karlsson deal but I don't think Stone will get that big of a return (assuming its a 1st btw).

Trust me I understand your pain because as a Habs fan, we're going through similr issues with Patches! Personally I want to sign him but in terms of trade, we're in a pickle</div></div>

This is kind of contradictory; you say that teams aren't willing to part with strong prospects for rentals, but then go on to say that you assume it's a first round pick, which in this scenario, would only be a first if Stone was NOT a rental. Either way, if Vegas is in contention at the deadline and wants to make a push, I have 0 doubt they would make this trade. I could find you 3 Alex Tuch's in every team's system. I could probably find you 3 Mark Stone's in the entire NHL. This is a very fair deal for VGK. Wouldn't excited about that return for Stone, would love that return for Duchene. Stone is way too important to this franchise at a crumbling point to only get a few pieces back.

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Davisoc</b></div><div>Best move for Ottawa is to forget preseason trading. Be patient, sit down with your top guys and tell them to put up the best season they have and they'll get moved to a great contender at the TDL. The return you could get for a rental on Karlsson/Duchene/Anderson at the TDL would be SILLY!</div></div>

This. This is the type of thinking the Sens so desperately need right now. Personally, I'd start the season with all of them, and see where it goes. Sign Stone to a long-term extension by January. Sell Duchene/Karlsson at the deadline. Only question mark for me is Anderson. Maybe he has a great start to the year and his value increases. But with what the Sens look like on paper, keeping him until the deadline might plummet his stock. I'd wait for a team to lose a goalie to injury for a month. That's when you get max value for him, not right now.