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Forum: Armchair-GMFeb 25, 2019 at 7:09
Forum: Armchair-GMFeb 24, 2019 at 9:29
Forum: Armchair-GMAug 22, 2018 at 2:04
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Canadianape</b></div><div>this is the first thing I posted. yes I touched on the fact that I didn't like Projections. but as you can read the majority of what I wrote is telling him that noenof the prospects come anywhere near the comparisons he made and he is wrong to compare prospects to 1st/2nd line players and top pairing defenseman and top 5 goalies in the league. meaning I disagree with every single one of his projections

finally as I said to the other guy im done commenting on this. it is my <strong>OPINION</strong> that doing things on this website that are not even close to realistic is a waste of time however hes free to post whatever he wants but that doesn't mean he is protected from criticism for those posts</div></div>

As Berg said: "You can't move the goal posts to score a goal and in this case you doing it to try to win an argument in logic."

Your entitled to your opinion. No one ever robbed you of it. But then again, criticism in the form of changing the context of the original post is an exercise in futility in its own. So what are we even talking about anymore?

There's a difference between:

"I don't agree with you on any of those projections based on X reasons.."


"his comment maybe ignorant but he's not wrong. comparing prospects to current players is an exercise in futility and a complete waste of time. I could just as easily list all the Habs prospects and say their ceiling is the equivalent of Connor Mcdavid IMO. in every single one of your examples above there is absolutely no evidence that any of those prospects come anywhere near the potential ceilings of their corresponding player. and its not a small portion that will reach that potential its like 1 in 200 especially with the majority of the guys that you listed being 1st to 2nd line players and top pairing defenseman/ top 5 NHL goalies. not even remotely realistic"

The whole problem revolves around misinterpreting the context of OP's intent with the AGM, which I for some odd reason, seemingly understood. For something that is so virtually impossible to quantify (players future projections), let's have some fun and just speculate. That's it. Not remotely realistic? He's not saying it <em>will</em> be. (I mean I could get into the specifics about players like Pastrnak and McCavoy having pretty dead on projections but who cares at this point?)

Imagine it as If he's saying if any one of these players were to hit their max potential, this is what I'd hoped them to be. No one is saying they will all become these players. Even OP said "I realize only a small portion will realize their full potential." Maybe Pastrnak will be the only one to reach that potential out of the bunch, I mean he's technically ahead of where Kucherov was at the same age so its not even remotely close to being "not even remotely realistic". But maybe its only Acciari's comparable in DSP. Is it so absolutely proven that Acciari will never perform what DSP has thus far in his career? Come on.........You are misinterpreting "I think McCavoy will the next Doughty" with "I think if everything works out for McCavoy, he could be the next Doughty one day". He's on his way but will need to still improve every year to be Doughty but its not an impossibility.

So what exactly is <em>your</em> argument again?.........I disagree with some of his projections also but based on what his objective was, he's no more wrong than he is right. Technically.
Forum: Armchair-GMAug 22, 2018 at 10:06
Sweet jesus, I am convinced people only come here to argue the slightest things sometimes... <a href="/users/keepcalmandbergeron" target="_blank">@keepcalmandbergeron</a>

Your description was clear enough and I understood exactly what you were getting at with it from the start.

I don't necessarily agree with half the comparisons but then again its purely opinionated so who gives a flying ****......

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Canadianape</b></div><div>

<strong>Scouts and Analysts use projections to compare and contrast similarities in play styles. such as this guy................. plays like this......... guy.</strong> no analyst or Scout in the history of the league has come out and said I think this guy is gonna be the next Kucherov or Rinne or Doughty. that's a great way to destroy your credibility because 99% of the time that player is not gonna reach that projection.

also to the point of projection I do truly see them as a complete waste of time because there are hundreds of instances when a player is touted to be the next big thing and then fails miserably and also the other way around where a player becomes a top player in the league after going tin the 7th round at the draft. <strong>a projection is completely opinionated and as an analysis tool, completely useless. however if you are going to make a projection atleast make them somewhat realistic. Ex. Studnika and Frederic do not have the potential to be Ryan O'rielly or David Backes</strong>

could you imagine if a hyoung guy walked into the team ho drafted him and the first thing he is told by everybody is we expect you to be the next kucherov. talk about ridiculous expectations</div></div>

So its ok for an analyst to "compare and contrast similarities in play styles" but not for OP? All he's doing is projecting if a players potential is fulfilled and based on the style of play currently, this is potentially what he thinks they will be. No where does he say " Gabrielle is the next Gallagher and will be 100% for sure". He's simply giving his opinion on what he hopes a player can be. There is no waste of time here except for your opinions of how he shouldn't be wasting his time doing this. You have that backwards, YOU shouldn't be wasting YOUR time if you don't agree with the premise of the AGM. Not him. You aren't giving constructive criticism.

Once again so you say these projections are useless but if you do use them, at least make them realistic? Oh ok so YOUR OPINION is what can makes it realistic? See where that is very<strong> hypocritical</strong>?

So stop with psycho-analytical babble and read the description again:

Replacing Prospects with Current Players(ceiling projections)
"Borrowed this format from jassan28, thought it would be<strong> fun</strong>. In most cases I've tried to find players of the same position, handiness, back-round, style, draft position and progression.<strong> Keep in mind this is my take on their ceilings and I realize only a small portion will realize their full potential.</strong>"

For Christ's sake, you don't go to an art gallery and argue an artists own interpretation of his work.
Forum: Armchair-GMAug 21, 2018 at 5:01