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RHD is absolutely a need for the Leafs and management knew this for a long time, they just aren't readily available. They definitely done their due diligence on the matter.
-Muzzin was absolutely the type of defender the Leafs needed at the time regardless of hand. Result: team got better.
- The reason why Kadri was traded is two part 1) he was deemed a liability after getting suspended twice (he did it again in Colorado, could have gotten suspended this year too) but 2) they were 0/3 in the 1st round and C was a position of strength, so they targetted a C+RD. Kadri was going to be traded for Backlund and Brodie (not a RHD but could play well) I think but he nixed that trade then he was traded for Kerfoot+Barrie.
-They signed Brodie
-They protected Holl, McMann was basically the same same player as Kerfoot but a better shooter. So Dubas protected his only RHD at the time that was really an NHLer and they would have been fine whether McCann or Kerfoot.
-They inquired about pretty much every RD that became available via trade and approached every RD that hit FA even Hamilton and Pietrangelo to see if they can fit them in even when they were facing a super cap crunch.

Not sure how you are suggesting Nylander be traded for a RD when you hated the Kadri move. If Nylander got traded to another team he would probably have been the first and maybe only guy everyone mentions that Dubas traded away forget Kadri and Marchment (who wasn't able to crack the line up so was traded, glad Dubas didn't end his NHL career because of being scared he thrives elsewhere). Hyman is nice but he's definitely not worth losing Nylander over. With Nylander+Marner+Tavares, this team still has a playoff window even if Matthews walks.

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