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Thread: Marner Trade
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Caniac2000</b></div><div>Carolina have 7 genuinely fantastic playmakers. Another one isn't going to change a thing. Teravainen, Necas, Jarvis are all pass first guys. Kotkaniemi and Aho are too. Svech will shoot first, but Marner doesn't fix a damn thing. Toronto fans say he's so good he improves the players around him, yet his 3 best seasons go hand in hand with a 40 goal season from Tavares, a 60 goal season from Matthews, and this last year where it was the first time he proved he could put up numbers like that without getting carried, and he has not shown any reason to believe it's sustainable...</div></div>

Like I said, I understood your reasoning. But your evaluation of Marner is completely off base. You're fine to think that. But to the people who watch him every night, Tavares and Matthews ain't getting close to those seasons without Marner. He is an offensive masterclass, go watch highlights of their goals those 2 seasons and you'll see Marner put pucks off their asses and into the net. It's great to watch. Add in a Selke candidate and leading the league in takeaways. Like come on. I know Leafs fans can be annoying but to say he got carried is just a troll take. I can give credit to Carolina's players for what they bring to the table, and their skills sets. You guys have a ton of great players. The guys been over a PPG for 5 straight years.

If you want to talk about playoffs Marner than go right ahead I wont argue with ya. But to say this guy got carried in the regular season is just not true.