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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>MisstheWhalers</b></div><div>Yeah I feel the same about Laine, heard he's looking for a long term deal though don't know if there's any truth to it. A deal like this would be him deciding to take some security over possibly leaving some money on the table that could of been there but maybe not if he doesn't get it all together and the Jets kind of overpay him now given his game has holes in it but in the hopes his game rounds out, there's risks for both parties involved but there usually always is. I didn't want to do a bridge deal cause the convo would probably get bogged down in that rather then on the Connor trade or Duchene signing.. Lol

As for Duchene I've heard he's going to wherever he gets the most $$ and yeah Winnipeg isn't a likely landing spot for him but he'd fit well with Laine and Ehlers so paid him well with $$+term to entice him, highly unlikely but ya never know and since this is all hypothetical anyway that's the way I went.

I agree about the 23 man roster thing, teams could go lean if they wanted to and just rely on call ups when necessary. Like if a player is injured for say a week you can replace him with a callup and it doesn't effect the cap correct? Or in this scenario as I have it let's say Perreault got hurt and was out a week and they called up some guy from their farm team that makes $750K would that put them over the cap?</div></div>

It’s pretty tough to predict what players want and what they’ll get with the media, and the cap going up.
Can’t really use comparable players right now either, tax discrepancy and cap uncertainty.

Winnipeg like San Jose is good because they can get away with a 20 man roster most nights at home cause the AHL team is in the same place. Depending on how many, time of season, and what type of injury (short/long term) the levels of cap relief change. Typically teams on the road or after trade deadline will want to at least have an extra forward and defenseman on the roster. In a perfect world 2 million in cap space with a 20 man roster is good. There’s all kinds of emergency situation cap relief and loop holes though. It’s tough to understand it all.
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