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Goli was the worst defensive player on ARZ, I'd take Hino Fischer or Dvo over Stepan as well
Risto was also probably the worst defensive player on the sabres (maybe Montour)
Pesce and Dougie were both better defensively than Slavin, and Aho was probably the worst defensive player on CAR...
I'd go Backlund or Ryan in CGY
Koekkoek DeHaan Maata and Murphy were all (significantly) better than Keith defensively
Savard (and Gavrikov) over Jones
Ian Cole is a very good DFD, and the best on COL, and Nuke blew everyone else out of the water defensively on COL (and most of the league)
Oleksiak>Heisk>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>x50000000 Lindell (defensively obv Heisk>>>>>>x5000 Oleksiak overall)
It's gotta be Mantha or Bert, the rest of the team was such a tire fire (aside from Larkin obv)
Bear and Yammamoto (or Archibald if you want a full season)
Weegar and Hubes>>
Doughty was probably the worst DFD on LAK, Roy Walker and Hutton were all a lot better
Spurgeon or Brodin>>>>>>>Suter, and while JEE is very very good defensively, the king of low event forwards happens to be Marcus Foligno
Butcher>>>, and I'm gonna give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you would have put Coleman as a run away winner had he not been traded
back to having the worst defensive player on the team in Trouba (well... Staal, it's hard to be worse than him at much of anything as an NHLer) and Panarin was simply the best overall player in the league this year...
Zaitsev actively hurts his team while he's on the ice, he's the farthest thing from good defensively (tho both of those statements apply to a lot of the players you listed...)
Couts absolutely blew everyone on PHI out of the water, they weren't in the same universe
Dumo/ZAR. (who just happened to be one of the best defensive forwards in the game this year)
Definately not Couture, I'd argue Hertl or Meier as well
EP in VAN.
Carlson was the worst defender on that team...
I'd argue Demelo, but if you don't want to count him... is nobody an option...? and for forwards, you could argue Ehlers over Copp, but certainly not Connor, not only was he one of the worst defensive forwards on the team, he was probably one of the bottom 5-10 defensive players in the league...
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