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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>TrevorsZebras</b></div><div>I am purely speculating here because there is virtually no information on this, but I think Zegras was the one pushing for a bridge. Best contract he could sign now is an 8x8, but if he takes $6M over the next three years and proves himself a star producer, with the cap going up, could be looking at a 8x10+

Although I think there is also some truth to Verbeek being skeptical to sign him for 8 years with a lot of question marks still on him. If that is the case, then I really dont understand it from the Ducks perspective but we may never know for sure</div></div>

I have my own reservations about Zegras as a player and I’m unsure if he ever takes that next step or stay at C. From a Ducks FO perspective, I’m confused why you wouldn’t extend him. He’s good for business, a fan favorite, and the first drafted piece of this rebuild. I don’t get why Verbeek is trying to play hardball with his players. Realistically, hardball only works if you have (or on the precipice of) a winning culture and the player fears they will miss out on a potential cup run, if they walk.

Yep, Ducks FO and Zegras agree on term, not AAV. It’ll be interesting what happens to Zegras because I think a lot of the younger players gravitate towards him and if he is traded, how will the other building block pieces feel? Will they also fear they’ll get traded or want out and then start rebuilding a rebuild? All very valid questions.
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