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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Philu916</b></div><div>Here’s the thing with AG. Rangers have several goalies in the prospect line. AG, Igor are already up. Wall, Huska, Lindblom was just drafted round 2. Personally think Lindblom was a bad pick and nothing to do with his skill set since Allaire has proven his coaching style helps goalies. Rangers didn’t really have that need for a goalie but it may have been fear that Igor wouldn’t come here. That being said, if AG can bring back a very good trade, sorry but he’s gotta go. Hank has 1 more season and that is all. His cap hit sucks, but a buyout saves $3M and $2M of that goes to AG anyways followed by a $1.5m dead cap hit. AG has shown what he’s capable of and this NYR D as an entirety through out this season hasn’t been great. Even now, there’s defensive issues that lead to break aways. Igor faces 34-40 shots and allows 2-3 goals at times. That shouldn’t be happening. Should be facing 25 shots some games.
As far as this AG/Hank thing if Hank won’t waive, AG has to go if the return is a top 9 F.</div></div>

Realistically do you expect to get a proven Top 9 F for a #3 Goaltender? While yes Campbell is older by 4 years hes had WAY more NHL experience than Georgeiv. Campbell IMO being a proven Top 10 Backup in the league. Georgeiv while having more upside yes may leave NYR fans disappointed in the return for him. IMO i expect the return for Georgeiv to be a 22-25 Y/O Bot 6F 1 2/3rd round pick and a conditional 3rd
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