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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Lyle_Bubas</b></div><div>I think the jury is still out on Dubas tbf. He acquired Muzzin without giving up a roster player, so far has a good eye for drafting talent (i.e. some of his KHL signings), locked up the core 4 when people said it couldn't be done. Managed to ditch the abhorrent Marleau contract for a 13OA pick only to recoup a 15OA later for a 3rd line winger, also managed to get out of 5 more years of Zaitsev. He even gave up sparks for clarkson and a pick, allowing him to use LTIR and sign Marner, which was smart. He also bought a pick by retaining on Lehner's contract. And, feasibility aside, he landed the biggest free agent signing maybe ever, in Tavares, who's been one of our most consistent players and is currently our Captain. Little known fact, he was also responsible for the Hyman for Greg McKegg trade with florida, which has paid dividends for us as well.

The Kadri trade was a huge whiff, but at the time it made sense. Leafs give up an emotional 2C, who kept getting suspended and who wasn't playing great in his new 3C role, for a 60 point defenceman and a decent centre back. Now, Barrie absolutely sucked, and was not the type of guy we needed. But, he did get depth guy Rosen back for Hutch, after making a great trade for Clifford and Campbell.

I think this offseason is his big test, if the team sucks next year it's all on him. He paid the big guys, def overpayed in a couple cases. But better them than 4th liners.

No doubt though, Rutherford has done a damn good job in tinkering with the penguins to get them huge success. Time will tell whether Dubas can make it work - he's only in year 2</div></div>

I had bo clue Dubas found Hyman.
If that is true that might be better than the Kap trade.
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