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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>bhavikp27</b></div><div>Idk they already have several D.

Dahlstrom isn't a top4 D. And what the heck is this top9, especially that 3rd. Hughes is C and Gusev LW; both will play in the top6 over Zajac and Bratt/Simmonds.
Don't leave Smith as a scratch.

D will prob be (assuming no trades)

I think Dahlstrom could play a limited top 4 role, I was just trying to balance out Severson with someone who is more defensively responsible. Also I cannot see Butcher playing top pairing, as he struggled mightly this year when he had to be played more and in more defensive situations than as a rookie.

As for the top 9 the Bratt/ Zajac/ Palmieri line I had pegged as a more defensive/ shutdown line along with the 4th. Since Zajac and Bratt have played well before on the PK.

I know the hype around Hughes is high but I would like to see him eased into being an NHLer at first. Playing him a LW with Zacha at center would allow him to adjust to the NHL at an easier position. If Hughes plays lights out right away the Devils could easly switch to Center and Zacha to LW. I just put Gusev at RW since his right-handed and that would be the only spot in the top 9 that I created. Lastly Hughes/ Gusev are undersized and new to the NHL so, in my mind, either Simmonds or Zacha should play with them to add size to their line.

If this trade was to happen it would most likely push Butcher out of the lineup and he would be traded to make way for Smith. But until Smith makes the roster and plays well I cannot see moving Butcher.