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Forum: Armchair-GMNov 11 at 10:35
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Howyoudrouinnn</b></div><div>He openly said women shouldn't be reporters for the NHL, but go off bud. Hope you don't have a daughter one day.</div></div>

Maybe you should add that he said it was because he views women as better than men, and that's why he doesn't think they should be in the locker room with a pile of naked men many of whom likely have little sense of modesty. You're trying to make it sound like Don Cherry hates women, when their is no evidence of that.
As for what was said this time, Don Cherry stated that he doesn't see a lot of people wearing poppy's and then encourages/tries to guilt immigrants (<strong>people who made the conscious decision to live in Canada</strong>) to honour the people who sacrificed everything to make this country the country they now love. It obvious why he singled out immigrants, they are here because they decided to be, while some person born in Canada not wearing a poppy didn't make the decision to be here. Don Cherry simply has an abrasive personality and style of speech. People who make their living by dividing people want to attempt to force a feeling of division among people in this country over it, and it looks like they have succeeded, they managed to convince enough people that Don Cherry is a hate filled person that he's been fired. It's funny really, that the same people angered by this are the ones who voted ,or would have voted if they were Canadian, for a hypocritical blackface wearing liar in the recent election.
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