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Apr 13, 2017
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Forum: Armchair-GMJun 22 at 3:50
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>LetsGoPens69</b></div><div>He doesnt want out of Calgary. Where does it say that. And I’m a Pens fan. I would love for Calgary to talk about trading him.

All This came from one Calgary beat writer saying they should think about trading Tkachuk and start a rebuild.

No quotes from organization saying they have talked about him in trade discussions. No inside sources close to the organization, no NHL insiders saying anything. Nothing from Tkachuk or his camp saying he wants out. Just one beat writers idea.



U are just making stuff up now. Lol.

Calgary is sick of his antics?? Lol.. are u a mind reader now?? Cause I’m sure even if that is true, they wouldnt have put it in print anywhere.

And that’s just goal scoring. That’s not everything offensively.

Playmaking abilities is also considered. Playmaking for your linemates. It’s why assists are a category..lol. And in points they are similar. Net front presence is another thing considered in offensive ability. The Power power. Stick handling, vision:

a lot more offensively than just being a goal scorer.

Compare Tkachuks hits or blocked shots or defensive analytics to Connors..lol.</div></div>

U can rant as much as u want
Doesn’t make u right though

And i REALLY don’t care if u agree with me or not

Connor is MUCH more prolific offensively
It’s not even close
Forum: Armchair-GMJun 22 at 1:48
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