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(Only talking about true prospects)

potential under the radar steals for me are: Raska, Hatakka, & Chekhovich.
- Absolutely loved how Raska played at the WJC, he is a hard nose player with a surprising amount of skill and has emerged as arguably the top player for Rimouski, he'll never be anything more than a 3rd liner at best, but I wouldn't be surprised to see him in a sharks jersey within 4 years.
- Also someone who impressed me at the WJC was Hatakka, who always has been a sturdy Defensive-D, but at the WJC he looked like he was 26 instead of 19, if Knyzhov can make the sharks with zero offense, Hatakka absolutely can too, wouldn't be surprised to see him fill out a young barracuda defense next year.
- Chekhovich is a riddle, he had 105 points in the Q during his D+2 year along with 2 short stints with the barracuda where he was the best player on the ice every night, and even was dominant in NHL pre-season games. Then when he finally came over to the Barracuda full time, he sputtered out into a frequently scratched player, which is bizarre considering he was lighting up the AHL when he was 19, but now at 21 nothing was there. He ended up going to the KHL to gain some confidence. After a full season on Torpedo, which could very well earn him the rookie of the year award, he has come back the San Jose again, but only has 1 point in 7 games. At this point Chekhovich will either be a star or never make it into the league.

players who have moved up: Kniazev & Bordeleau
- Kniazev was a polarizing player at the WJC but put up very respectable numbers for a D, still not the smartest at defending, but the compete and raw tools are there already. He has torn up the QMJHL being the 2nd highest P/GP among D in the Q, could surprise some people next year when he comes over to SJ.
- Bordeleau won NCAA rookie of the year as the 38th pick, that's all that needs to be said.

off the face of the earth: Spiridonov, Emond, Hamaliuk, & DeSimone
- Spiridonov was a popular prospect for a few people on this site, but he's 20 and doing virtually nothing, was the worst player on the ice for Russia at the WJC.
- After Emond had that amazing 18-19 campaign, it looked like he could be a super steal, instead he has followed that up with a mediocre performance in 19-20, and is having a disaster of a season in his overage year. His goalie coach and former goalie teammate got brought in by the Sharks after seeing them with Emond in Rouyn-Noranda, but now Emond is left in the dust with nothing to show.
- I'm going to call what is happening to Hamaliuk being Jeremy Roy'ed, because its the same thing. Hamaliuk dealt with an injury in his draft year and missed half of it, leading to him falling to to end of the 2nd, and then following that up with a case of mono in 19-20 that either hurt his performances or kept him out of the lineup completely, and now he has only gotten 2 games thing year because the team's games are constantly being postponed due to COVID, hard to be confident in a prospect who never plays any games.
- I remember when DeBoer said that DeSimone was 100% going to be an NHL player, and the first two years he looked like he would be on the Sharks in no time, now after a poor performance in 19-20, and a mediocre at best 20-21 so far, his chances of ever getting an NHL game are getting slim, I'd expect him to be gone after this season.

Need to turn it around: Merkley, and really Merkley.
- To be fair, Merkley has been very strong offensively, especially in more recent games, he is controlling the puck well at the point, and isn't struggling to beat pro players, his defensive game on the other hand, is not nearly as fixed as was touted in London. To say the least, Merkley has been solely responsible for 3 OT losses so far. He doesn't know where to be, he doesn't pressure forward enough, he doesn't skate, nothing is right. A defenseman who doesn't work hard enough can be fixed, a defenseman who doesn't have the technical skills can be fixed, but if that defenseman can't do either, or really anything, you are in a world of trouble, especially when that defenseman is suppose to be your top prospect

(I apologize for errors)