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I don't "hate" Shaw... I agree he's overpayed, but he's still useful, and you can't fix all the problems in one offseason. I say pick the problems that "really" need fixing (LD1, C1, salary dumps) and fine tune again next summer.

I am not necessarily giving up on Chucky. I know that if I'm ARI, I have no interest in a player with an off season and on the last year of his deal. I'm more interested in the former 3rd overall pick who has scored 30 goals and has decent term left and is younger. Plus, Pac is a cheaper cap-hit for the upcoming season.

I'm gambling on this:
1: Price bounces back with a stellar Vezina-contending season. If he does the Habs will go deep into the playoffs.
2. The defence helps Price. The top4 will play 45+min/G against the oppositions best players. That will give Juulsen/Mete a chance to develop in a 10-15min/G environment.
3. Pacioretty will score again. He's in the last season of his contract. He's going to find another gear. And if JT comes to town and draws the oppositions best checkers, he'll come back to his glory.
4. Kotkaniemi will slot in real nice in that lineup. Playing lots of minutes with vets like Byron & Shaw will help him break into the league. Sure, JDLR will take the odd shift on that line in pressure situations, but veteran wingers at the bottom of that lineup will help him ease into NHL life.
5. Anti Niemi will start 25+ games, and we'll want him to start more... Not because Price is going to be bad, but Niemi will be really good, and there won't be an excuse to come into the playoffs with a tired Price. 55 games for Price is plenty. Imagine a "fresh" price around playoff time...
6. Pac/Dan/Lehk will be a top shut down line. All three have great defensive acumen, and can contribute offensively. If Pac gets 30, Dan gets 15, and Lehk gets 15, we'll have 60 goals from THE 2ND LINE! We didn't even get 60 gaols from our top three point getters last season.
7. Drouin will have a career year. I'm just using a little logic here: a playmaking winger with a goal scoring center... Not to mention what Gallagher brings to the table...