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Forum: Armchair-GMWed at 1:41 am
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>DopeGM</b></div><div>Just unsure whether the cap ceiling makes Kuz a cap asset or liability. If the Krakken take him, does Washington have to throw in a pick? I think so. So that’s true on the trade market also… possibly.

Also possible Kuz is still valued by a team out there. Gaudreau is honestly more of a cap matching piece than an asset to WSH in this deal. But if I’m WSH I’d rather have Gaudreau than Monahan.</div></div>

Uhh there’s absolutely zero chance the caps would add a pick for Seattle to take Kuznetsov. Seattle would be paying us to expose Kuzy. It’s extremely easy to stay under the cap with Kuznetsov on the team even having to re-sign ovechkin and samsonov. We have no need to move him unless we get fair value for him.

I’m not trying to be a dick right now and I know I may be coming across like one (and I’m sorry if I am), but I’m just very tired of everyone on this site acting like Kuznetsov has negative value when he is a high end 2nd line center or an average first line center who had a bad season because he was affected by COVID. We saw what COVID did to Zibanejad. Kuznetsov likely had lingering problems with conditioning.

Not to mention he spent the prior two seasons under an incredibly uninspiring and incompetent head coach in Reirden. It’s no coincidence that Kuznetsov’s numbers went down after the cup run and trotz leaving. And once laviolette had a chance to work with Kuzy, we saw him get red hot.

Kuznetsov’s value is low due to recent circumstances, but the caps would be dumb to trade him for anything less than truly fair value. And they can afford to hold onto him just fine. And he definitely does not have negative value even in a flat cap league.