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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Butlrr</b></div><div>I disagree with nearly all of this, obviously.

1. If Jay Beagle was an effective NHL player, he still makes 3 million a year to play on the fourth line (for two more seasons!), is 34 years old and is on a team with cap issues. It’s worse than that though. He is a poor even strength player. His line has been utterly destroyed since November. The biggest issue the team has right now is two defensively poor bottom six lines.

2. The Canucks can either protect Markstrom or Demko, not both. I doubt Markstrom signs without a NMC (why the heck would he?). If they sign Markstrom, it’s highly unlikely Demko isn’t claimed if he’s on the team.

3. Look at recent goalie trades for value. Demko for two picks and salary relief seems fair to me, but clearly we see Beagle differently.

4. Leivo is one of the few effective bottom six forwards the team has and got injured at the worst possible time in terms of maximizing his contract in free agency. He’s found money. In fact, I’d argue that (if he stayed healthy) he’s the sixth best forward on the roster today.

5. I’m going to assume you’ve followed the Canucks prior to 2017, but if you haven’t, having young players integrate seamlessly like Boeser, Pettersson, and Hughes is the exception. To expect Hoglander to walk onto the roster and make a positive contribution (hell, even assuming he doesn’t go to Utica!) is beyond optimistic.

6. Think about how you would make the team better while keeping space for Hughes and EP’s second contracts without removing significant salary first. Gotta walk before you can run.</div></div>

so you would rather resign a 30yo goalie and punt 24yo one for cap space and 3rd and 4th round picks no thanks. QH and EP need to be resigned next year and there is over 20m coming off the books at that point. then the following year there is another almost 15m coming off in time to resign BB. hoglander doesn't have to step in be like BB QH and EP have been the last 3 years they are deep enough that he can learn and he may play the up and down to Utica that Gaudette did as the roster isn't devoid of talent with out Leivo. there are young players on the cusp of the NHL roster and the vets give these players time to mature without ridiculous expectations put on them.
how do you figure Stetcher is going to sign for that cheap. he is probably traded at the draft to free up space on the blueline

as for watching the canucks prior to 2017 ive been watching them long enough to remember them going to the finals in 82/94 and 2011.

The Canucks are not going to make wholesale changes like this unless they are getting a major player back and none of these trades help
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