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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>WhyWait</b></div><div>Colorado, Detroit, and Seattle
Aston-Reese for Maltsev, 5th: Reese is a 4th liner that EVERY playoff team wants. Maltsev is not an NHLer.
Pettersson, DeSmith for Greiss, 2nd: Greiss is not an improvement over DeSmith, considering contract DeSmith &gt; Greiss. Petterson &gt; 2nd
Zucker, Hallander, 2nd for Johansson, Soucy: Zucker &gt; Johansson one the ice, 2nd &gt; Soucy. I guess the positive value for the Pens would be $2.75M cap savings next year.

Go overall by position
DeSmith &gt; Greiss
Pettersson &gt;&gt; Soucy
Aston-Reese, Zucker, Hallander &gt;&gt; Maltsev, Johansson
nothing &lt; 5th
2nd's offset (literally same 2nd)

Considerably bad value for the Penguins. If they want to open cap space (moving Zucker and Pettersson) they could do much better.</div></div>

You ignoring Pittsburgh's current needs. Chemistry of the team is issue. Blueger is instrument of Pittsburgh's defensive play. ZAR is great defensive player, but his offensive side is useless, I believe Maltsev has potential, he was better with NDJ, the fit could play huge role, but even if he does not make roster I wouldn't mind to put there O'Connor or Zohorna. Greiss is playing behind significantly worse defense than DeSmith, but the key part is he has play-off experience and can help Jarry with that. I don't like Pettersson's play at all, and his contract neither. I don't trust him. We need someone harder than him, that's why I wanted Soucy. I know Johansson does not bring much, but neither Zucker and he also cousing problems for another year. I think if they could do better with Zucker and Pettersson it would've happened already.