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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Billy739</b></div><div>Flip Poehling and Suzuki

Suzuki played wing more through his Junior career , although he did finish off his OHL career on a new team as their top Center .

Poehlings a 6'3 210 pound power forward is not someone you want on wing when he's that good at using his size to create room in the middle .

ultimately Poehling gets the Center job because its what he's known for , playing #2 Center behind Hughes for Team USA taking bulk faceoffs on multiple medal teams .
you also want him there because him and Caufield were putting on a Clinic at Draft Camp and that's a 1-2 punch that will dominate PP's in 2-3 years when Caufield turns Pro.

Suzuki on the other hand is the perfect delivery man to play with Domi right now in this set up .
MTL 's 1st line will be work horses in Tatar-Danault-Gallagher , then skilled forwards in Domi-Kotkanemi-Suzuki.
Drouin-Poehling-Byron give us a strong line with all special teams guys keeping them fresh
Lehkonen-Thompson-Armia gives you a strong shutdown unit and 3/4 of your PK guys
Weal and Cousins compete for 13th forward to sub in the bottom 9 as needed .</div></div>

Billy, i like your ideas and would like your opinion on this : Because of his strenght and size and good passing skills, I can see Poehling as a winger for KK. Fighting for the puck near the boards and giving it back to KK at center who will construct the play. I've watched KK at the world junior and he really was the play maker but his wingers were strong on the boards. Caufield could be RW on that line as the sniper. Of course i'm talking in 3-4 years .