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Forum: Armchair-GMOct 13 at 1:57
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Bluejackets2000</b></div><div>You can’t be serious.
Stenlund is bad. And he plays like a noodle…very soft for a guy 6’4”. Domi started to really play much better the last 15 games last year. Domi was injured most of last year, he had shoulder surgery 4 months ago, and has worked his a&amp;&amp; off to return for the season opener. He is tough, and now motivated to play well. Bemstrom has the skill and has played much better than Texier over the last 2 years. Texier plays with an edge sometimes, but he disappears for long stretches of games.
Robinson, Kuraly, and 4th line will be key. They need to roll the F lines evenly and get scoring from the 3rd and 4th line to take pressure off of the 1st line and 5v5.
The 14 they have selected are the best choice to start the season. Chinakhov and Hoffman should sit for game #1.
The Jackets have a weak schedule in October. Most of the games are against non playoff teams and Seattle.
The first 8 games will be a good benchmark for them. The biggest problem they will have this season is keeping leads into the 3rd period, as they already have shown in preseason with this against Detroit Buffalo and Pittsburgh.
I think it will be fun to watch a more relaxed and fun group of young talent without Torts spewing out his bad joo-joo on the team. It got old. And he chased a lot of players out of town.
They just now need to build back chemistry. They were disjointed last year, gaps were too wide, and were not creating space off the puck for good passing lanes. Just were not in sync. This has already improved this preseason.</div></div>

I will take Stenlund on the boards any day over watching Domi and Bemstrom bleed goals and offer free turnovers. Stenlund has a hell of a shot but rather than ever feeling free to take one Torts almost had our offense set up like rather than whoever is open take the shot it had to be one of “desingnated shooters” like Bjrokstrand or Laine. It was so predictable, i would watch over and over again opposing teams choke off these key guys and offense dies because the rest were afraid to shoot. Stenlund looked good on the wing before they put him at center in their desperation at the position. He was put in a bad position and was never a good enough skater to play center. Stenlund got that mojo that other guys also feed off of and Domi and Bemi have the charisma of a cold rock. I do think a lot of these guys including Stenlund do not hit the weight room hard enough and contributes to a lot of them not playing up to their body size and getting pushed around too much. Zach werenski is still too damn scrawny and lanky to be a true #1 D man. Seth Jones should have been stronger too. Seriously is training staff even in the budget?
Forum: Armchair-GMOct 13 at 1:23
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>BJ_Lover</b></div><div>Why are you so miserable? Torts was terrible at developing talent. He was great at maximizing grinders but not much else. Give a guy like Domi who came to a new team in the middle of extreme covid restrictions (also a high risk person) a little leash to see what he can really do this year. Bemstrom has also had a solid preseason. Bemstrom was the complete opposite of a guy that Torts was good at utilizing. Give him some reps with a new coach before you throw fits for giving him ice time. The Jackets aren't exactly competing this year so you might as well find out what you have.</div></div>

Domi is a net negative player. More goals will be given up while he is on the ice than he will produce and our backend will not be good enough to bail him out. People keep holding this false hope like Bemstrom gonna have some magical breakout season lmao. I do not share your optimism about either of them. Yeah ill take Stenlund on the 4th line anyday. Stenlund’s problem is he wasn’t a good enough skater to play center, which he was asked to do often last year. Less pressure on him now with the natural build of a winger i like him contributing there with that shot he’s got. He is defensively still an upgrade over the previous 2 clowns. Your faith in Larson is misplaced because guess who was in charge of our trash power play the last few years, yep larson. He did such a good job there that he was promoted to HC lol. This guy is not creative enough and our offense will show that. Liam Foudy will also be a bust because like Bemstrom the Jackets scouts failed to evaluate the mental side of these players. They don’t have the grit or mental tenacity that makes skilled players good at the NHL level. Its not doom and gloom because i think Sillinger and soon Marchenko do have the right stuff. Larson’s offense will be meh.. but he can only do so much. Jarmo fckd up this roster and Laine ain’t resigning.
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