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Thread: Minor Moves
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>swinny</b></div><div>Overall the Blues could challenge for the division.

Avs: they tool a serious hit offensively. I question if Newhook fills the 2C roll this season (certainly will at some point), and Compher isn't the answer. Goaltending is as big a question mark as Toronto's. Very risky, but could pay off big. Defensively this team.will be nasty.

Minny: see these guys as status quo. Boldy gets Fiala's minutes and the team marches on. Not any better, not signicanyltly worse. Even moving to Fleury over Talbot could prove to be a fairly lateral move.

Stars: Very much in transition. Core is as old as mud, but hope with Hintz and Roberston up front. Goaltending is top notch. Defensively sound. Not world beaters, not division winners. Wild card material Very much so.

Nashville: Defensively improvement landing McDonough. A team that with that move gets back to is foundational identity: D first. Adding Neideritter was solid, but I don't see it moving a big needle for them either. So many question marks with the forwards after seasons out of Granlund, Duschene and Johnson what we haven't seen in 3-4 years. Can Jeannott take another step. If all remains the same, this team is good. But questions make me trepidatious about how they finish. But the Saros factor is real.

Jets: if Chevy finds 3rd line pieces that can produce some goals they could be wild cards. Frankly I think they miss. Not sold on Bowness as the answer.

Then there are the Blues.

Kyrou has arrived. Thomas has arrived. What you get out of Schenn and O'Reilly is a known as well. Onky question I would have uo front is can Barbashev repeat that career year? And even if he doesn't, still a helluva 3rd line player. Tank is tank, and is playing for a contract. The blueline is excellent, mobile with enough size. Billington needs to be stable (which is a question), but Greiss as a back up can handle 25-30 games. Loosing Perron hurts, but I see enough in this line up to offset that. Husso came out of no where (like how long were the Blues waiting him out?), so if he repeats ouch, if not, great move. Same questions around him as Billington really.

Blues, imo my humble Leafs fan opinion, just maybe the most balanced team in the Central, so them winning it isn't out of the question.</div></div>

Well said.
Forum: Armchair-GMJul. 22 at 4:46 p.m.
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>mokumboi</b></div><div>First, let's talk defense.... (exasperated sigh)... frankly, Army screwed us big time by giving Leddy that regrettable 4x4 NTC contract. That ruined everything we could have done better and cheaper and smarter, and it probably is going to ruin it for 2-3 seasons. I always wanted a nice simple LD who fit great over an expensive so-so fit - Soucy, Sandin, etc. Or even a slightly more expensive one that would be friggin' amazing - like Gavrikov or maybe even Sanheim. I don't think we need to splurge crazy in assets for Chych, even if he's pretty reasonable on his contract. And I know Arizona is not going to accept that quantity over quality offer. The Calgary trade is actually sneakily not terrible for total value (the Flames only take back about 5M in instant cap and those two players are decent bets to offer nice value on their salaries), but again it's veering into quantity over quality.

As for making a run, if they add Tkachuk without getting rooked, they won't need elite defense to be a contender. That said, people always overplay how bad the Blues defense is. Teams pile up a good amount of xG from taking long or perimeter shots, which get taken because the Blues defense is, flub incidents aside, pretty good at keeping teams wide. The other thing is, an overwhelming majority of Blues goal leaks come directly as a result of a bad giveaway. Now, some of those are by the defenseman, but a larger number are not. When the team breaks down, there's a fair chance the primary blame falls on a forward. Besides, analytics don't do individual stats and don't factor in how many plays get shut down. The Blues defensemen generally do shut down a lot of hairy stuff (even on nights when one big mistake spoils it all), especially now that they're morphing into an equal rush/forecheck hybrid team. Is the Blues D elite? Of course not. But they are above average. Too many people out here pretending they're bottom of the barrel or something, Blues fans included.</div></div>

Good sir, when news of that Leddy signing came out I swear it ruined my whole day. So yeah totally agree there. Imagine we don't land Tkachuk and just enter the season with the squad we have today... I would give Dougie a C- offseason grade.

Also agree that the Blues D aren't terrible, and deffs was not my intention to convey that. I would say they fall somewhere around middle of the pack maybe slightly higher (maybe slightly lower). I think the point I was trying to get at was that another prime piece on D + Tkachuk would catapult the Blues into that realm of elite squads like the Avs and TBL over the past few years, and its a rare opportunity to have. Not saying we can't get it done any other way, but I sure as hell would feel more confident if that were the case.
Forum: Armchair-GMJul. 22 at 4:25 p.m.
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Don_Aldo_Juan_la_Eleccion</b></div><div>1. Blues can't afford to keep Kyrou next year if they have Thomas AND Tkachuk; may as well get value for him, and he is obviously the best piece the Blues can offer for MT.
2. Getting a 1st back from NYI is the only way you can field a competitive offer for both MT &amp; JC.
3. Neither Stastny nor Kessel are an upgrade on anything the Blues have for the roles they would be needed. No thanks on both.
4. You have 21 players on your roster with only 400k in remaining space.
5. Perunovich has a lot of potential, but right now he's just a guy. You're not going to get Chychrun by overwhelming ARI with a bunch of junk. A quality player would need to go the other way. You're offering prospects and a cap dump with a handful of picks. ARI will pass, for sure.</div></div>

1. False
2. False, but I see what you're getting at. Would certainly help to get a 1st back, but teams know that the Blues are losing leverage here if they're targeting Tkachuk.
3. Agree to disagree on Statsny, but you have a point with Kessel - no qualms removing his signing. Reason I disagree with you on Statsny is he is a serviceable 3 line C. I would rather have Schenner playing in the top 6 on wing and occasional switches to centre than have him take on 3L mins.
4. My bad - If i remove Kessel, could easily fit in another 2 players.
5. The Blues probably do not have a strong enough defense still to make a run, hence why I targeted Chychrun, but perhaps there's another more reasonably priced player that would be more suitable? And I disagree saying that the package is junk - but probably not the strongest package ARI could get for Chychrun.
Forum: Armchair-GMJul. 22 at 4:21 p.m.
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>mokumboi</b></div><div>The absolute last thing the Blues could possibly need, even before the possible addition of Matty, is a scoring winger. No... the LAST thing they need is a fading scoring winger who needs PP1 time (not bloody likely) and top 6 linemates (nooooope) to even provide an okay amount of emmmmmpty calorie points while doing next to nothing else to help the team implement their system, one he has no business being anywhere near. And last season, that fat loaf managed all of <em>eight goals</em> in 82 games. Berube would death stare a hole in him by the end of the first practice. He ain't gettin' no PP1 time. He ain't gonna skate with Thomas or DadROR.

Forget the obvious preference to save it for emergency injury crisis use or, ya know, an upgrade in an area where we actually need one. Forget all that stuff. It would still be a better use of that money to take it and burn it on a scorching hot day for no reason at all.

As for the trades, most teams will prefer some measure of quality over wanton quantity when letting go of their best player.</div></div>

Okay fair enough, you're not a fan of Kessel :tearsofjoy he was more so a throw in, no issues removing him and leaving cap space open. Acciari could slot in the 3L RW position and Leivo or another callup could play 4th line mins.

As for the trades, which ones specifically do you take issue with, and how would you fix them? Or, would you completely forego either of them?

The Blues probably do not have a strong enough defense still to make a run, hence why I targeted Chychrun, but perhaps there's another more reasonably priced player that would be more suitable?
Forum: Armchair-GMJul. 21 at 1:29 p.m.