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(COL/NYI) - Greer for Burroughs

Who won the trade?
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Oct 11 at 1:05
Oct 11 at 1:07
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The Islanders move we've all been waiting for.
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Oct 11 at 1:10
mackinnon goat
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minor move, but NYI gets the better player imo. Ive never even heard of Burroughs to be honest while Greer still has NHL upside
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Oct 11 at 1:21
Wear your mask
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Oct 11 at 1:22
BaRzAl OfFeRsHeEt
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At least we know Lou is awake
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Oct 11 at 1:24
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Oct 11 at 1:26
Nick Suzuki the GOAT
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So a 23 years old AJ Greer with NHL experience for a 25 years old Kyle Burroughs with no NHL experience. Clear isles win they get the younger and better player
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Oct 11 at 2:26
Laine to Buff
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Isles win. Greer has the upside and is younger.
Oct 11 at 7:34
CPDunn Untouchable
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Burroughs averages 96.75 Penalty Minutes per season that includes the shortened season. YIKES.
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Oct 12 at 6:46
Go Avs Go
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Was this the test trade for Toews is that even a thing?
Oct 12 at 7:41
Its pretty mint.
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Quoting: Internetkingz
Was this the test trade for Toews is that even a thing?

What does that mean?
Oct 13 at 8:45
Go Avs Go
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Quoting: Kotkaniemi15
What does that mean?

Meaning did Sakic test the waters on this trade or was the next one discussed during this trade, and then someone after the fact called the other back and was like let's do it
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