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May 21, 2020
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Forum: Armchair-GM15 hours ago
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>ragger_lord</b></div><div>I mean I would absolutely expect any pick from Det to be lottery protected.

Duchene was the closest comparable I could find (almost exact PPG and contract status) so I feel like it was pretty fair to compare them. The Duchene trade was viewed as a good trade without the benefit of hindsight as well.

Players like Horvat just don't get traded all that often. I guess others off the top of my head at RyJo for Jones, and the first ROR trade (31OA, Compher, Zadorov (who was highly touted at the time))</div></div>
You can come the players but the issue is the disingenuous framing of the return. Would you say it’s safe to expect a team that just went to game 7 of the conference finals the next year to have a top 5 pick? Or even label it a lottery pick? Then label a prospect one year removed from being selected in the second round as a top 4 defensemen? That’s taking out all the development from that point to current state and isn’t the norm. There isn’t a great comp for young top 4 RHD + lottery first rounder. The first one that comes to mind for a 2C would be Stepan but it had some other components in it. We can look at the Eichel trade and I’d wager most fans would say Hronek &gt;= Krebs and Detroit 1st &gt; VGK. If the discussion is Vancouver would only trade Horvat for an overpayment then sure we’re not going to have a fruitful discussion and that’s fine if you want to build around Horvat. I’m merely questioning the comp used in your determination as that’s what I use to determine the “value of X player”. That being said what would you say EP is valued at comparatively? If Horvat costs Hronek + 1st I’d be curious what the + would need to be.
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