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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>TrueCanuck</b></div><div>Factors that Red Wings fans seem to forget about because it doesn't get them what they want:
1. Bertuzzi is coming off a major injury that required season ending surgery - teams will be weary of that and wonder if it'll affect his play
2. Bertuzzi is a high end middle 6 winger, not an elite 1st line winger. Teams don't drastically overpay for that.
3. The team acquiring Bertuzzi needs to sign him to a new contract so there's control uncertainty. Bertuzzi has all the leverage in talks right now being 1 year away from UFA with arbitration rights this off-season, teams would want a commitment before overpaying.
4. Detroit doesn't have much leverage. As mentioned, Bertuzzi is 1 year away from UFA with arb rights this year and he's had multiple contract disputes with Detroit in his career. It's clear that the team and the player don't agree on value and it's likely heading to a trade (things could change but right now it looks like that's the path). With only 1 year of control left, a Bertuzzi trade would be treated like a rental unless a long term commitment is in place. &amp; teams don't drastically overpay for player alike Bertuzzi that are rentals - it just doesn't happen.

Wings fans seem to overvalue Bertuzzi on here but don't look at affecting factors that will affect his value. I get it, you want the best return for your favourite team - everyone does. But in no way is Detroit getting an A level prospect like Robertson + 1st and 2nd round picks. That's more than what Vegas paid for Mark Stone WITH an extension. So get real here.

&amp; this is not coming from a Leafs fan, it's coming from an outside perspective. But Wings fans need to lessen the hype train on a Bertuzzi trade or they'll be highly disappointed.</div></div>
Here’s my rebuttal to each of your points.

1. Sure, teams would also have full access to his medical records. Yzerman, stated before the extension he isn’t shopping Bertuzzi so offering scraps doesn’t do anything towards Yzerman’s direction. He wants to be competitive (even as a rebuilder) and loves hustle + 2 way play which is Bertuzzi to a T.

2. What do you mean high-end middle 6 player. When I hear that I think average second liner and phenomal third liner. He’s 92 in scoring the 2 past seasons he was healthy on the worst offensive team in the league. One could argue opportunity but let’s factor in QOC + worst offensive team.


3. Mute point, extension in place. Plus, teams are allowed to negotiate when acquiring rights, that’s common in the NHL we literally just saw with a star player (Jones). You also provided an example earlier of this being common with Stone.

4. What multiple contract disputes? One isn’t multiple. Again mute point with the extension and isn’t logical because see point 3. Detroit has leverage on other teams simply for demand. It was rumored 9 teams called about Bertuzzi at the TDL and after seeing what Hyman/Coleman just received and the ability for Detroit to retain or take back dumps only maximizes the value.

I don’t agree with OP’s proposal as they’re not the pieces I’d be interested in and I don’t think Toronto is a great trading partner with Detroit based on surplus. I also believe Bertuzzi will be traded between now and TDL assuming a respectable offer is presented.
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