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Forum: Armchair-GM4 hours ago
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Silkysmooth42</b></div><div>Unfortunately you are missing a few really important pieces of the trade, so I will help you rn...

Full Trade:
Backes (25% RETAINED) + 1st rounder + AXEL ANDERSSON for Kase (I HIGHLIGHTED the pieces you were missing)

At 25% retained, Backes' contract was worth less than a 1st to take on (based on numerous reports) Additionally, Axel Anderson is a top 4 potential RHD prospect (that is still 20 years old!).
So we can confidently say the ultimate cost of Kase was Axel Anderson and some of the 1st rounder (if we call a 1st rounder the equivalent of a 2nd and a 3rd based on recent pick for pick trades, and Backes was worth a little more than the 2nd)

SO Kase was worth a 3rd(ish) AND AXEL ANDERSSON (worth about a 2nd as well!!! - based on recent trades that are similar)

So Kase for a 3rd is MORE THAN SUFFICIENT

Just figured id tag u guys to considering I put all that time in lmao</div></div>
That’s a generous projection for Andersson and I didn’t mention those as the quote from the trade description implies Boston paid a first solely for Kase. I say it’s a generous projection as there have been multiple studies of junior hockey that give a corrresponding success chance at the NHL level based on draft year point totals and given his Q stats +2D it’s not super high. I agreed that his rights were worth a third rounder but disagreed with the language of the initial quote. Like I initially said if you want to say his rights are worth a second or third rounder fine, but his accusation cost is diluted with the negative cost of Backes. What sources do you have for the asking price to ship Backes off?

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Thread: PLD book it
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Campabee</b></div><div>I don't see many teams Ponying up the assets that Jackets fans and Jarmo initially wanted. Think about it this way. GM's are hockey fans too but their job is to get the best deal possible for their own teams. They use whatever leverage is available to them to lower the market value of a player being sought after. The Dubios situation is a prime example. MB reportedly called Jarmo early on and Jarmo said Nick Suzuki. That reportedly infuriated MB to the point where he hung up the phone. I am sure a couple days later MB called back and said look here is what I am willing to give up can we work around that (let's say the package was something like Danault + Caufield + 1st for arguments sake). This time Jarmo says no and ends the call. Now if things in Columbus had been good over the last week MB probably calls Jarmo back and says ok what about Kotkaniemi + Byron + Struble + 1st and maybe Jarmo accepts. But the way things did unfold Jarmo probably calls MB and says is that Danault trade still available and MB likely says no now I will only go Danault + Armia + 1st either the deal is done or Jarmo counters with something else revolving around Danault instead of KK or Suzuki. After the last week Jarmo is not going to want this drama hanging around for another month or more. He wants to make it someone else's problem and get a decent return at this point.</div></div>
How do you know MB was infuriated when he hung up the phone over the initial ask (Suzuki)? I see a ton of comments where fans make assumptions or think because some click bait site posts they have “inside information” that’s it’s factual. Yes there is leverage to move PLD from a Columbus perspective but that doesn’t mean they need to move him only to Montreal. Other teams will/have called based on reporters tweets and that CLB is mulling over their options and have received multiple “good” offers. We don’t know what CLB FO sees as good or even if those reporters are correct as if I’m in the CLB FO I’m going to try and drum up some more demand for a higher asking price. All I know is there were reports from Athletic writers that Detroit was asking about availability and price but didn’t comment on the ask. I know he says all the right things but his actions on the ice say another thing and I believe he did this in juniors for the Screaming Eagles so I’d really question if he’s a Yzerman kind of guy but I don’t follow Bergevin nearly as close to say what he values in someone’s character.
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