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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>CaptainFlynnt</b></div><div>Benn was acquired for a 4th round pick and Pateryn, he is worth more than a 7th.

Shaw was acquired for two 2nd round picks, injuries have certainly lowered his value but he is still worth more than a 5th.. hes a 3rd line utility guy that can play every position, hes won cups with Chicago and made big contributions in all of there playoff appearances, and hes a great teammate / locker room guy. His contract is front loaded which also increases his value. MTL has no reason to trade him unless they get a 2nd (not saying other teams will want him for a 2nd, but MTL just has no reason to trade him).

Also Benn should have more value than schlemko, MTL gave a 5th to get Schlemko before he was injured and had a down year, his value has only decreased since then.. how do you come up with your trade values?</div></div>

Shaw has more downsides than upsides. He has clear and worrying concussion problems (and that's a major problem when physicality is half your game), he's at 3,9M for 4 more years and what numbers will he pull if he gets to play 82 games? (Which he won't) 35 points? He's maybe tradeable if MTL retains half his salary, maybe with that MTL would get a 2nd round pick.

Schlemko and Benn are nearly exactly the same if you think about point per game, but Schlemko has basic puck handling skills and Benn doesn't. Jordie Benn's future is in the AHL.

Pair Benn with Weber and he'll drag him down. Pair Schlemko with Weber and they'll be able to execute basic plays.

Or find a team that urgently needs a slow 7th defenseman that knows how to do icings, then maybe you'll be able to get a 5th round pick out of him.