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"I would love to see another take on Pionk with Morrisey on the top pairing. Pionk is in desperate need of a bounce back season, and I don't think he is going to get that on a line with Dillon. I also feel that DeMelo is the perfect D partner for Heinola on the 3rd pairing."

100% agreed. DeMelo and Morrissey make a good pairing, but the ceiling for Morrissey-Pionk is well above the level of play we can get out of Morrissey-DeMelo, it's our only shot at having a true number one d-pairing. Obviously there's a chance it doesn't work, they don't have chemistry and/or Pionk continues to struggle, but if they did work out it'd be huge and like you said, it opens up DeMelo to be able to help another high ceiling player in Heinola with his steady defensive play. I'd also like to see it tried in that I wasn't overly enthused by the chemistry between Pionk and Dillon last year, I'm not super keen on running that one back.

I do think Samberg will beat out Heinola for the last spot on defense though. Honestly I really don't know how we're going to figure that one out. Stanley seems like a lock for the press box right now, with Heinola being heralded as the guy who deserves a spot and has played well, while Samberg has also looked good but fills a positional need better than Heinola, IMO -- we already have Morrissey, Schmidt and Pionk as offensive defensemen who can run a PP and our defense is pretty small -- another guy who can play on the PK and has some size in Samberg does seem more fitting given our lineup.
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