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(EDM/PIT) - Marino for Conditional 2021 6th RD pick (PIT)

Who won the trade?
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Mar 7 at 6:25
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Quoting: BlueSeeker
Justin Shultz 2.0

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Mar 9 at 10:22
Go Boltz! & Go Avs!
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This trade is just insane. KO victory for the Pittsburgh Penguins.
Edmonton GM reason for making this trade? We have Bouchard,Broberg in future seasons... so let's just giveaway everybody else for a late round draft pick, if there is any takers...
Now he is easily worth a 1st round draft pick... That's a good way to waste talent... looking at the Hall-Larsson trade... same thing here...

At least AA+Ennis good trades at TDL, if any of them resign, so that will cover some of the losses... that's why you don't make trades just to make trades...
Fri at 10:24 pm
Sabres are elite
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Quoting: Brian2016
It's not like this kid was a 1st rounder. Most likely he'll never play in the NHL. Guys like Will Butcher and Jimmy Vesey are the exception.

Oh boy how wrong you were
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Fri at 10:47 pm
Almost Zach Parise
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Lol to everyone who originally clicked/pressed “fair deal” on here
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Fri at 11:32 pm
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Quoting: AndrewLadd
Lol to everyone who originally clicked/pressed “fair deal” on here

To be fair, it’s not like the Oilers has any choice about signing him. But it’s an amazing trade for the Pens.
Sat at 8:33 pm
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Quoting: Skyraider112
Oh boy how wrong you were

Haha. I think I remember you saying that he was a lock to play in PIT this season, right, (ummm...)? The odds of a 6th rounder playing even one game in the NHL are probably less than 5%
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