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(WPG/NYR) - Lemieux, 2019 1st and conditional 4th for Hayes

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Feb 25 at 10:55
Trade confirmed: New York Rangers - Winnipeg Jets
Trade Details
New York Rangers Acquire:
New York Rangers
2019 conditional 1st round pick* (WPG - #20)
2022 conditional 4th round pick** (WPG)
*Conditions: Should the draft lottery render the 2019 NHL first-round selection a top-three pick, the Rangers will receive Winnipeg's 2020 first-round selection instead.

*Result: Rangers receive Jets 2019 1st round pick.
**Conditions: The pick transfers to the Rangers only if Winnipeg wins the 2018-19 Stanley Cup.

**Result: Condition not met. No pick is transferred.
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Feb 25 at 10:58
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Very fair return for Gotham if you ask me
Feb 25 at 10:58
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Both teams get what they need. Good trade.
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Feb 25 at 10:59
Habs/Pens fan
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Honestly it's pretty fair, both teams get what they want honestly.
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Feb 25 at 11:01
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It's a fair trade, but I'm giving the edge to WPG (and a loss to OTT...Stone's value just dropped) because I think this far...has the best value out of all the TDL moves. WPG isn't selling the farm AND they're getting what they need...a SOLID Center.
Feb 25 at 11:02
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I like it for both teams.
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Feb 25 at 11:08
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How I look at this was WPG was trading their 1st pick regardless of who it was...Stone, Panarin, Hayes etc...

With Ehlers back, Lemieux also got expendable as Maurice likes Appleton better.

For NYR, they got value back for someone that isnt re-signing(i guess) with them...unless they have a handshake deal knowing WPG wont re-sign him to get him back come July.
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Feb 25 at 11:14
I'm a Skatman
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on the plus side, we probably won't see another McLeod in New York any time soon. that's the best thing I can say about this trade
Feb 25 at 11:24
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I really like this trade for the rangers-- i would've pushed for a better conditional pick and had it on hayes resigning in WPG.
Rangers can always (probably would be a mistake) sign hayes in the offseason.

NY wins because they get a good young physical forward in Lemieux plus a first rounder-- for someone they may not resign. Yes it would've been nice to add Appleton but they get a physical presence that DQ commands. Solid player in both the OHL and AHL that will stick up for teammates. He will do well with the rangers considering they've lacked grit lately and get a productive player rather than a McLeod type player.

WPG wins because Hayes is a huge center that'll play well with Laine and Ehlers. Pass first which should help Laine continue his rebound from the drought. Plus they didn't give away a top 3 prospect in Niku, Ves or Appleton
Feb 25 at 11:35
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Is it just me or is the 4th rounder a wacky part of this trade. Its one of those things that the Jets wont care to give it up(it means they win a cup) and the NYR wont care, of course(they get an extra pick)....not too sure why it was added...
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Feb 25 at 11:37
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Fair deal for both sides. Happy with the trade as a Jets fan
Feb 25 at 11:49
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As trade in general its pretty fair. However, I think NY did a good job trading Hayes. He is not competing at his potential, I mean he is still decent player, but he can be a slacker at times and it could be contiguous. Perhaps he will fit better with Jets, we will see. I wouldn't want him on my team, so NY won, I think. (get rid of Shatenkirk and good to go).
Feb 25 at 12:02
Go Jets Go!
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I think that this is an extremely fair trade and exactly what I was hoping Winnipeg would do. Good job by both sides.
Feb 25 at 12:42
Math and Sports
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Didn't lose Vesalainen, Niku, or Appleton. It's a good day for Winnipeg.
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Feb 25 at 1:41
Discord COL's GM
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OVERPAYMENT. That first for a rental not nearly worth it.
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Feb 25 at 1:46
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Winnipeg is a HUGE team already and they just got even bigger!
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Feb 25 at 4:55
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Great haul for an overpaid forward.
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