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(SJS/VGK) - Hertl, 2025 3rd (SJS), 2027 3rd (SJS) for Edstrom, 2025 1st (VGK)

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Mar. 8 at 4:34 p.m.
Trade confirmed: San Jose Sharks - Vegas Golden Knights
Trade Details
San Jose Sharks Acquire:
Logo of the San Jose Sharks
David Edstrom
· $0$950,000$82,500 (AHL/JR)
2025 1st round pick (VGK)
Sum: $0$950,000$82,500
Change: -$6,750,000
Change: -$5,800,000
Change: -$8,212,431
Vegas Golden Knights Acquire:
Logo of the Vegas Golden Knights
Tomas Hertl
($1,387,500 retained - 17.1%) · $6,750,000$6,750,000$8,294,931
2025 3rd round pick (SJS)
2027 3rd round pick (SJS)
Sum: $6,750,000$6,750,000$8,294,931
Change: +$6,750,000
Change: +$5,800,000
Change: +$8,212,431
Mar. 8 at 4:35 p.m.
Amirov Forever
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Dare I call this a fair trade? The retention on Hertl stinks for SJS, but its not like Hertl was getting any more valuable. The Sharks get back a prospect who I am a very big fan of and a 1st, while also moving off of a terrible contract. Hertl will be extremely good in Vegas for the next 3 - 4 years, which is perfect for them. That center depth is terrifying. I like it for both sides to be completely honest, but if I had to pick a winner its obviously going to be Vegas
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Mar. 8 at 4:35 p.m.
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Vegas and their annual tradition of trading their 1st round picks


Vegas Golden Knights first-round picks:

2026: Traded
2025: Traded
2024: Still have
2023: David Edstrom (traded)
2022: Traded
2021: Zach Dean (traded)
2020: Brendan Brisson
2019: Peyton Krebs (traded)
2018: Traded
2017: Cody Glass/Nick Suzuki/Erik Brannstrom (all traded)
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Mar. 8 at 4:36 p.m.
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Well talk about late breaking drama.....

Can someone explain this one to me? Why did SJS make this move?
Mar. 8 at 4:36 p.m.
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Is Edstrom really that good of a prospect? This looks like Grier should be fired.
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Mar. 8 at 4:36 p.m.
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I like this for Vegas, get Hertl + 2 3rds. That long term retention will suck for SJ, If there weren't any 3rds going to Vegas or retention, San Jose would be doing a lot better
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Mar. 8 at 4:37 p.m.
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If Hertl will be out of LTIR then it should be great addition
If Hertl will be on LTIR, McManagers can use it for another trade bomb.
It's Win-win for VGK cool
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Mar. 8 at 4:37 p.m.
Master of Bloodsport
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Quoting: pinslack
Vegas and their annual tradition of trading their 1st round picks

They still have their 2024 1st, which they'll trade at the draft
Mar. 8 at 4:37 p.m.
Grierless Sharks Fan
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Quoting: GenericUsername489
Is Edstrom really that good of a prospect? This looks like Grier should be fired.

Mar. 8 at 4:38 p.m.
Grierless Sharks Fan
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Hasso please fire Grier.

Man this is awful.
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Mar. 8 at 4:39 p.m.
I am not Score
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Find someone who loves you the way Vegas loves trading their 1st round draft picks
Mar. 8 at 4:41 p.m.
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At least San Jose got out of another bad contract but still Grier has been BRUTAL as the Sharks GM
Mar. 8 at 4:42 p.m.
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I´m heartbroken. #FireGrier
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Mar. 8 at 4:42 p.m.
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It's good for San Jose to get off the terrible contracts Wilson saddled them with but man Vegas pantsed them here
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Mar. 8 at 4:43 p.m.
Go Jets Go
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There’s no 2 ways about it, this is just embarrassing. How does SJ manage to get fleeced this badly?
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Mar. 8 at 4:43 p.m.
You know nothing JS
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2 high 3rd going out, 2 low 1st coming in.

Basically upgrading only one full round, twice. This is not valuable at all. Clearly not worth a 1C and/or $8M of retained salary
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Mar. 8 at 4:44 p.m.
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I’ll choose to say; I believe Smith, Eklund, Bords, Bystedt, Shakir, Cagoni, Musty, Halttunen, Thrun, “(Celebrini)”, etc.

I believe in Edstrom, and that he’ll prove us wrong too on this deal. And I believe in our drafting for 2025.

No need to harp on the repetition that everyone else is saying.
Mar. 8 at 4:48 p.m.
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Hertl isn't living up to his contract. He's not even living up to $6.75 million of his contract.

Give up a 1st and a prospect for a bad contract and two thirds doesn't seem good.


This contract lasts six more years.
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Mar. 8 at 4:48 p.m.
and proud of it
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Mar. 8 at 4:48 p.m.
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This is honestly an all time bad trade, upfront.
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Mar. 8 at 4:51 p.m.
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ban the golden knights from the trade deadline from now on
Mar. 8 at 4:52 p.m.
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Quoting: FoxYou727
Grier has been BRUTAL as the Sharks GM

In what way? He's had a handful of losses and a handful of wins but most of the trades have been fairly even. About a week ago someone at FtF made a comment about this and I went through the trades and there wasn't much in the way of bad (Burns trade was the only really bad one).

I'm not a fan of this trade so for now I'm adding this to the bad trades but I felt similar about the Meier trade and that one's looking pretty good now.

Edit: Found my post:

Going through the list:
Studnicka we spent a 6th round pick which is essentially nothing. I know he was available for free earlier on waivers, but at the time we traded for him we were desperate for centers. Granlund, Couture, and Sturm were out and Eklund hadn't transitioned back to center yet.

Addison cost a 5th in 3 years which is probably less value than a 6th this year and Raska. Again, we needed a puck mover. When you're trading from a position of need you're not going to be getting discounts. Addison hasn't worked out, but he's a 23 year old who had a bit of upside and was worth taking a shot on.

Karlsson was a 100 pt Norris winning defenseman who had 4 years at 11.5M remaining, had been extremely injury prone, and prior to that season had been considered one of the absolute worst contracts in the league. He might've gotten more if he'd been willing to retain more than 1.5M and take on 3 bad contracts that were expiring within 2 years, but the fact that he got out of the last 2 years of all but 1.5M is great, and the fact that Granlund will likely have value when we decide to flip him and has been useful for us is worth factoring in.

Gawanke for Kniazev, both players went back to their home countries.

Lorentz + a 2025 5th for Duclair, pretty much all of us were very excited for the trade and figured we'd get a lot more than we paid when we flipped Duclair at the TDL. It'll probably be closer to a 3rd with retention and most of us were hoping it'd be in the 2nd rounder ballpark, maybe even a 1st with teams overpaying at the TDL, but even then it was a good gamble to take.

Trading a 7th for a 2025 7th, who really cares? There wasn't anybody they were excited about, it's really unlikely any of the players involved come anywhere close to the NHL

Trading up 94+100 for 71 for Svoboda, I'm not a huge fan especially because the guy Carolina got at 94 is a guy I might've taken at 71 (Jayden Perron) and I hadn't heard of Svoboda, but it's roughly in line value-wise for trading up. The Athletic's pick values have 71 as 0.9 GSVA and both 94 and 100 as 0.5 GSVA, but the team trading up usually pays slightly more than the value.

6th for Blackwood, I'm pretty sure he won that trade.

Agozzino for Sustr, it sounded like Agozzino wanted out for whatever reason and he wasn't getting picks back in an AHL trade.

Reedy for Peterson, probably about even. Peterson's played 17 games for us while Reedy hasn't seen the NHL, but on the Sharks Reedy probably sees a few games...he might've saved us from trading for Studnicka.

Namestnikov for a 2025 4th, we got Namestnikov 1-for-1 from the Eyssimont deal which was a bit questionable on its own because we weren't re-signing Vlad, but Eyssimont was free to us via waivers and we turned him into a 4th.

Bonino, Sund, and our 2024 5th for Pitt's 2024 5th and 2023 7th along with a throw-in contract. This was a pretty negligible trade and was mostly doing a favor for Bonino.

2024 3rd for Thrun, I think we'd be lucky to get a guy like Thrun with our 2024 3rd and he's already gone through a bunch of development, so I'd say this is a win for Grier. Maybe he'd have been able to get lucky and be the one Thrun chose once he got to UFA, but that's a risky gamble that Anaheim won't convince him to sign or a more competitive team won't make an offer.

Timo deal, at the time of the deal I was fairly meh on the deal. Timo was clearly the best player in the deal and I didn't think much of a lot of the players coming back, plus the picks were going to be late. When he came over Zetterlund wasn't impressive. A lot of people are saying the Sharks won the deal now, I think in the long run it'll be fairly even.

Megna for a 4th, probably about his value. I'm very excited about Cagnoni but I generally don't judge mid-round pick trades by who fell into a team's lap at that pick

Nieto, Merkley for MacDonald, Kaut. Merkley and Kaut were both 'need a change of scenery' guys who didn't work out with the new team (Kaut had bad things to say on his way out, not glossing over that but it doesn't impact the trade). Nieto and MacDonald, I liked Nieto (especially on the PK), but he wasn't going to stick around here after his contract expired. MacDonald hasn't been bad for us, I might give a slight edge on this to the Avs in value, but again a guy who wasn't re-signing for a guy who had another year.

4th for Adin Hill, obviously looking at it now it's a loss. FV won a cup with him, he's in discussions as one of team Canada's goalies for Olympics/4 Nations Cup, etc. At the time of the trade, that was going to be his value. We'd been hopeful we could get a bit more for Reimer, but there weren't any bites so we got rid of Hill.

Burns with 34% retention and Pederson for Lorentz, Makiniemi, and a 2023 3rd (which we ended up giving back to them to trade up for Svoboda). We were losing but this trade was mostly about doing a favor for Burns to get him a shot at a cup and getting rid of a large chunk of cap space, as well as really beginning the rebuild. I'd call this one a pretty clear loss considering how well Burns has played in Carolina.

2022 7th for 2023 7th, who cares?

2022 5th for 2023 5th, who cares?

Leonard and a 2023 3rd for Kunin. Many of us haven't really liked Kunin's play and probably think Leonard could've been flipped for him straight up, but there are reports of some teams being interested in Kunin now. Leonard only played 6 games for Nashville then they didn't issue him a QO and now he's playing in the AHL for Arizona and can't crack their roster. Slight edge to Nashville on this one because of the 3rd, but we'll have to see what happens at the TDL and beyond (Kunin's still an RFA).

2022 pick 11 for 2022 pick 27, 34, and 45. Based on The Athletic's pick values this is 1.8 GSVA in favor of the Sharks, or the value of pick 45. Early on it seemed like Geekie (the player they took at 11) was worse than Bystedt (pick 27), plus we got Havelid and Lund. It's swung a bit in favor of Geekie with Bystedt's D+1 year but Lund's looked better this year and Havelid's looked decent. I'd say still too early to tell.
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Mar. 8 at 4:53 p.m.
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How do all these parts fit on Vegas is my question. Is Hertl just playing LW the rest of the year? Karlsson is already playing 3C is he getting moved? Or they keep him and let Stephenson walk I guess. If it ain't broke don't fix it I guess, like it or not they've put on a masterclass at the deadline every year they've existed. What's a trade they have lost? Tatar and that's it?

Worst part about the retention is that the Sharks now have all 3 spots taken until Burns' deal expires NEXT offseason. They're gonna be all time bad next year and won't be able to increase their return on rentals and for some teams they flat out won't be able to deal with because of the cap. But Hertl doesn't fit the rebuild timeline and his deal was likely made by the old regime to try to keep some of the fanbase interested in the team. Lots of very important draft selections coming up for the Sharks very soon...
Mar. 8 at 4:54 p.m.
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This is a Fair Deal that SJS win in the long-run. VEG gets a decent player with term but he’s 30, so likely only has a couple decent seasons left in him whereas SJS get a 1st + Top Prospect, which may become a Star and they open up Cap Space to sign a Younger Player that fits their rebuild

Not a Fan of Grier as a Manager, but I don’t mind this one for the Sharks
Mar. 8 at 4:54 p.m.
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I despise Vegas and the favoritism they recieve from the league but this is a great deal for them. A great return even before six years of retention. What is Grier thinking?
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