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Forum: NHL SigningsApr 2 at 7:33
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>exo2769</b></div><div>But what about the success these guys are having on other teams IMMEDIATELY after they leave AZ. I mean Domi and Strome would be 1 - 2 in points/goals/assists etc... Church is really the only prospect that AZ can claim that they're developing well. Keller's still a question. I hear ya on Sophmore slump no doubt, but you can't deny there's flags all over that he might be just another name to the list of AZ prospects stubbing their toe. Maybe he gets traded too and then he'll become close to a point per game player like Strome/Domi.</div></div>Domi and Strome are the only two you can really say that about; Perlini and Duclair haven't really experienced "immediate success," per se, not in the way that we'd usually think about it.

I think coaching and play systems do have an effect on how a player performs. Craig Morgan wrote a piece at The Athletic about how Chayka's moves this year will define his tenure as GM, and he posted a comparison of Strome and Schmaltz's zone entry and exit stats from Corey Sznajder and CJ Turtoro's work on microstat-tracking. Schmaltz is insanely good at the transition game and moving out of the defensive zone and into the offensive zone with the puck; Strome is only so-so at zone transition. Strome probably wasn't a good fit for how Rick Tocchet wants to play because his foot speed is not the best, and Tocchet's system is big on speed through the neutral zone.

Strome's a fine player in the right system, I'm sure, and it's not like the Coyotes lost Strome and didn't get anything back in return. we might debate over whether Schmaltz deserves quite this much money, but it's hard to dispute that he's not a good player. Strome has 48 points in 55 games with the Blackhawks; if Schmaltz had played 55 games with the Coyotes at his pace before he got injured, he'd have had 45 points in 55 games.

similarly, it's not like the Coyotes traded Domi for a bag of pucks. Galchenyuk had hit the 30-goal mark before, and that's one of the things the Coyotes kinda needed and still sorta need, is goal-scoring talent. you can see it in their shooting percentage trends. Domi's history of goal-scoring makes his 14.4% shooting percentage this year look like an outlier; Galchenyuk had been able to sustain a double-digit shooting percentage for pretty much every year in his career besides last year. I think Chayka wanted somebody who could score goals, and you have to give to get.
Forum: NHL SigningsApr 2 at 3:58
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>exo2769</b></div><div>What do you think Keller's contract will be? Jokes aside. Keller is someone I'm worried about going down the path of Stome, Domi, Duclair, Perlini, etc... (Literally those guys off the top of my head) All highly touted and 1st round picks, but developed poorly. Keller had a great rookie campaign and now finds himself down 16 points compared to last year all while in a year where scoring is through the roof. It just feels like de ja vu all over again...no?</div></div>one point I'll make that seems relevant is that player development isn't really linear, on aggregate. the "sophomore slump" is a phrase for a reason. now, I don't know if this is truly what happened, but maybe the rest of the league figured out how Keller operated, and he didn't quite adapt in response. Keller also appeared to have had more consistent linemates last year compared to this year, what with all of the injuries the Coyotes went through. there's something to be said for sticking to the same line for at least more than 5 games at a time; that helps breed familiarity and chemistry.

I mean, yes, all of these players were "highly touted," but projecting players that early is a real crapshoot. major-junior results don't translate to NHL success with any real degree of correlation, so we essentially take somewhat-educated guesses. same goes for players picked in the 1st round; it's a somewhat-educated guessing game at the time that you play it. "highly touted" and "drafted in the 1st round" don't automatically mean immediate and great NHL success. some players have to take the long road to find success.
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