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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Yojimbo</b></div><div>Yeah, I believe that Bill Guerin was the GM of WBS while he was assistant GM for Pittsburgh, before moving to the Wild...

It's just the added depth of the trades with if the guy is good enough for another AHL team to want, how does the original parent NHL team "feel" about it? Is he a call up option being moved for someone that we will never call up? I just think that there might be more discussion put into a trade like this than many NHL-level player trades.</div></div>it's probably the same amount of discussion, just aimed at a different section of the organization. With the level of the players we're talking about in this particular trade, I think the only reason the parent NHL club even got involved was because the players involved were signed to NHL contracts, and, even then, it was probably more of a bureaucratic "hey, sign off on this, pl0xkthxbye" type of conversation.

Mike Vellucci is HC and GM of the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins. He sees that Oula Palve isn't really panning out for his team the way he'd have hoped. At the same time, he's not too happy with his defensive depth. He's had injury issues on defense; Pierre-Olivier Joseph missed a good amount of this season with injuries, I think, so the defense is a bunch of vets (David Warsofsky, Zach Trotman, Kevin Czuczman) and a few other young guys (Niclas Almari, Matt Abt, and Jon Lizotte). The W-B/S Penguins and the Texas Stars were playing a series last week, and so Vellucci probably talked to Scott White, GM of the Texas Stars, and said, "hey, whaddya think about a trade?" like most GMs do. they talked it over, agreed to something, and then each GM contacted the GM of the NHL parent club and got the go-ahead.
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