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Detroit Red Wings signed Marc Staal (1 Year / $2,000,000 AAV)

Was this a good signing?
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Jul 25 at 12:34
Marc Staal has signed a new contract with the Detroit Red Wings.
SIGNING TEAM: Detroit Red WingsDetroit Red Wings
VALUE: $2,000,000
C.H.% : 2.45
SIGNING DATE: July 25, 2021
SOURCE: CapFriendly
Jul 25 at 12:38
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Jul 25 at 12:40
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could have had hit at league min, no one else was going to sign him. He's washed up.
Jul 25 at 12:41
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Not a great value signing but I can see why they do this deal. Staal provides veteran guidance to their young players and they probably had to give him extra money to stick around with a non contender.

Decent signing.
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Jul 25 at 12:41
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Jul 25 at 12:50
Jack Hughes is Elite
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The Full NMC is strange
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Jul 25 at 12:52
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The fact he got another NMC alone is enough for me to vote no.

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Jul 25 at 12:56
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Great deal. He'll help for the lottery odds
Jul 25 at 1:05
best poster
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Wonder how our resident ACGM Wings fans will say this fits into Steve Yzerman's masterplan.
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Jul 25 at 1:05
Hakuna Matata
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I had him at league min on some other team as either the #6 or #7

This be in the Yikes Category
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Jul 25 at 1:07
Western Champs
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1 year deal can't be that bad
Jul 25 at 1:10
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Learn your lesson, Staal is good defensively but is worth 1.25 max
Jul 25 at 1:25
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It's a one year deal so who friggin cares, but him getting a full NMC is so funny to me.
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Jul 25 at 1:25
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Staal should’ve got league min imo. Also, why the heck would he need a NMC on a rebuilding team for that contract?
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Jul 25 at 1:26
sha of mild annoyanc
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I get why a lot of people is saying that it's a bad deal but imo Detroit sees it as a player they know and they'll have young guys on the backend with Seider and Lindstrom, so it might be a "veteran presence" kinda thing. 2 Mil is a bit steep but It's not like Detroit needs to save cap space.
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Jul 25 at 1:43
Jinx lord
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At least it's better than his last contract unsure.
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Jul 25 at 1:44
Dach is Elite
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This is one of the weirdest contracts I’ve ever seen I don’t know why there’s a NMC if it’s only a one year deal that’s just strange
Jul 25 at 1:48
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When you trade or sign a player who was good but isn't anymore the hockey world gets split.

This is kinda the same. Marc Staal who's was getting paid everything by the Rangers was terrible. But the guy who played for Detroit last season is probably worth this. Worst case he's up at the end of next year.

The NMC is just to keep him out of Grand Rapids. If Detroit were to move him at the deadline he'd probably waive it.
Jul 25 at 1:52
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seems like alot for him
Jul 25 at 1:53
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NMC? Why?
Jul 25 at 2:07
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I like Marc Staal. He's tough. He's physical. He plays the right way. Always liked him in NY, but he was drastically overpaid and they had to dump him. This is a solid signing. The NMC concerns me b/c of the possibility of moving him at the TDL.
Jul 25 at 2:07
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Maybe the 2 mil was just a cap floor thing?
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Jul 25 at 2:08
a Jerk
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yZeRmAn iS tHe BeSt Gm!!!11oneone
Jul 25 at 2:25
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Good signing, had been hoping all season they would take another year with Staal so that he can help mentor the young guys. Watching Wings games last season he was definitely top 4 d man for the team. Putting aside his previous cost where he was overpaid, he was still a decent player. Figured may take an overpay to keep him I thought 3 M even so 2 is fine. Not sure why we care what the number is for a team with this much cap. NMC I have to think makes sense for the player as protection so he has control over where he’s playing and doesn’t get sent down
Jul 25 at 2:25
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Quoting: Devil1122
The Full NMC is strange

I agree but Marc probably got it so he can decide where he goes at the TDL
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